So let’s ring in the New Year

1424499_10151738101187666_1479343998_nEvery December , Facebook shows you your year in review.When I looked through mine, I was astonished and humbled. All I could think of were those moments in April where I found myself full of uncertainty and confusion over my immediate future.  I had never traveled, never done anything exciting, never been fearless.

Now I’m looking back and wondering who on earth I am that Jesus would look on me and choose to take me on adventures that were beyond my level of comfort, beyond my wildest dreams, greater than my dearest hopes.

I moved to DC. I met the best of friends. I joined the NSLT. I had a hard semester of PR classes. My family  moved from my childhood home. I went to the Philippines. I came back, changed.  I worked hard. I laughed, lots. I failed. I triumphed. I grew.


Life is full of uncertainty. This year I’ve traveled from the hub of political activity, to the spacious mountains of Appalachia, to darkest corners of the world watching men buy girls for sex,  to the humdrum of hunting eggs on my sister’s farm. I pierced my nose, got a new nephew, was asked to be in a dear friend’s wedding, lost my nose ring, wore sweatpants to class for the first time, ate a cricket and frogs legs, broke my toe kicking a facetious friend, watched the sunrise from Lincoln’s monument, ran through a fountain, drank far too much coffee, kept a blog. Moments, snapshots, changing scenes, changing seasons.  I’ve been utterly and inexplicably blessed.

So here’s to 2014. May it be full of the unexpected. I’m ready for the adventure.


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