These are two lovelies in my life: Sarah &  Kira.


They are my rooms.
We live in Wildwood, an apartment aptly named.
Some have falsely called our home “The Shadowlands” or “The Birdcage” (you know who you are). It is neither.
Our apartment is cosy and snug, as every home should be. It also has a large collection of bird paraphernalia and woodland objects. Hence, the name.
We have a large collection of mugs that are used at an ungodly rate (but when you have three coffee and tea drinkers, what can you do?)
We love studying together in the living room that I sometimes call “The Library.” The book collection is quite (excessively) extensive.
Sometimes we cook delicious food. Sometimes we have disastrous results… Mostly I have disastrous results.
Meals together are rare, but we laugh and talk in the in-between times anyway.
Our rooms are cleaner this year than any year previous. Fewer academic hours (or perhaps better discipline??) are the kind benefactors.
We read aloud to each other sometimes.
We cry and laugh and sing and pray together often.
Cosy home. Cosy friends. Truly blessed.
Dear, Wildwood.
Please come visit, do.

Our home is always open.


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