This Place is a Scrapbook of my Life

I adore this city.

If you had asked me a few months ago what I expected for my summer, I could never have predicted falling in love with the Nation’s Capitol. It’s never easy to explain your sentiments for a beloved place, except perhaps to say that it feels like home. And so D.C. feels to me. All of it–navigating the Metro, haunting my favorite coffee shops & book shops, going on walks & runs to Lincoln Park, scampering off to the Jefferson Memorial to journal & climb trees, taking in the sights & sounds of the National Mall, buying produce at Eastern Market, telling bewildered tourists how to find their way.

Most mornings I sit on L&N’s front porch swing with a cup of coffee, my journal & my Bible to reflect & read & pray. Potomac Avenue is busy in the early morning as people rush off to work at the hospital, armory, clinic or detention center down the road. The whir of car engines, beeping of horns, frequent sirens & steady rush of the city is comforting to me now.

Babysitting for all the dear families from CHBC is such a blessing. I adore my little charges and love being able to love on them & dance with them & sing for them & pray for them. All the parents are wonderful, too. One mother asked me to stay for tea after babysitting and we sat picnic style in her kitchen while we talked about Jesus, growing pains, city life, art, and beauty. She prayed for me, gave me figs and Earl Gray tea and sent me on my merry way, inspired to write and create again. SprintPhoto_bokhzt

I saw the National Symphony Orchestra perform Grieg & Saint-Seans at the Kennedy Center in early June–a performance that drew me to tears. A bit dramatic, I’ll admit. All I could think of while I was there was Cary Grant in Houseboat. I think that’s the first encounter I had with the Kennedy Center and I’d been dying to go there ever since. Lynney sat with me, and we had a rough go of it trying to smother our laughter over the man clashing the cymbals during a particular movement.

Once or twice Madisson and I have been to watch the sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial. Morning devoI love how quiet it is in the early morning (5 a.m.!!). We read from the Valley of Vision this particular morning and a passage in the Psalms. The view was majestic. I wish I could do this every morning (except the waking up at 4:30 bit).

One Friday, Lynney, Madisson & I went to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. The water was freezing & violent, but the beach was incredibly relaxing and just the sort of spiritual and mental retreat needed. After turning into lobsters, we drove to Lewes, the most quaint and picturesque little beach town I’ve ever seen. We had dinner, ice cream, and walked along the shops, drinking in the perfect summer evening. On the way home, driving over the Bay Bridge with the windows down and music blasting, I couldn’t help but smile and laugh a little over how beautiful life is. Deleware bridge

I love being here with Lynne–I love sharing life with my best friend and sister that I only get to see about four times a year normally. She is so kind, wise, generous & incredibly fun. She appreciates my humor and I love how we can both quote the exact same movie lines at appropriate moments and smile knowingly at each other. She introduced me to Paul in Georgetown (my absolute FAVORITE place). She took me to see Despicable Me 2 so we could laugh at Steve Carell & the minions. She wants me to move here so we can live together. I wouldn’t object to that at all.Coffee date

There is so much left unsaid that I could say. I could write many blog posts just trying to capture the thousands of little moments that have made me laugh, cry, smile & want to dance. I’ve been blessed by so many WONDERFUL relationships. I’ve had the sweetest, most encouraging summer. I’ve been challenged and sharpened by my sweet Bible Study friends. I know who I am. I know who I want to be. I have unfinished business at Appalachian that I am so excited to do, but as the end of my summer draws near, my heart longs for home and yet aches for the leaving. Bstuds

I’ll be back, D.C. J’adore cette ville.


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