The Insanity of a Sane College Kid

Somehow life takes a turn (for better or worse) the instant a little college student is labeled an “upperclassman”. They tell you being an upperclassmen rocks: you’re established in your social spheres, comfortable with classes and workloads, have the whole studying (or non-studying-but-managing-to-squeak-by) thing down-pat, and you see great potential on your horizon. All is true. But they left out a few crucial facts.

Freshies and Sophomores have it easy (for the most part). All that “hard work” and “inability to stay on top of homework” talk goes out the window and is no longer legitimate compared to 18 s.h./6 work hrs/8 club hrs/ plus homework life you live now. What a life of bliss I once lived! What carefree days were those!

My life is run by lists, post-it notes, alarm clocks, and my planner, lovingly nicknamed “my brain.” It is quite literally my brain; when it is lost, my life is one glorious mess of confusion, as I learned quite recently. I am always amazed at people who don’t keep planners: how on earth do you manage life? Do you simply have a higher functioning memory system? I raise my hat in respect to you, O people-who-use-no-planners.

Insanity is a beautifully descriptive word. It means madness, extreme foolishness, or irrationality. How fitting.

Sometimes I look at this photo and smile:Honestly, any of the “Keep Calm and…” posters are a great source of enjoyment at the moment.

Madness. Yes, madness. Such is my life. But also moments of sweet serenity and gentle reminders of the Lord’s presence. The 20 minutes of riding the bus  are some of the quietest moments of my day. I do nothing but gaze out the window and observe as the sun peeps over the mountain tops and the mist dissipates into the warmth of morning.

The Lord is surely here on this campus, working in hearts, working in my life. I am so grateful for the wonderful experience of college and the privilege of receiving an excellent education. I am so grateful for finding a major that I love and am passionate about. I am so grateful for the lovely, dear friends in my life. I am grateful for a full life and how the Lord is using my insane schedule to bless others and to stretch me. Whatever the Lord has called me to, He will truly equip me to complete.

I’m learning to live life one day at a time, not “always looked forward to as though the ‘real’ living were around the corner,” as Elisabeth Elliot says. “It is today for which we are responsible. God still owns tomorrow.”

Whatever season of life you may find yourself in, however crazy or scary or strange life may seem at this moment, be encouraged that the Lord is walking through it with you at your side. He shall cause you to walk in joy and be led forth in peace [Isaiah 55:12].


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