“Poetry might be defined as the clear expression of mixed feelings.” [W.H. Auden]

Leave All to Me

L.K. Walton

September 3, 2012

A feeble heart, not prone to trust
Unwilling to let go, yet must,
Awake this soul, awake to thee
A heart unburdened, unfettered, free,
No more to dwell in dust

You promise joy, riches, blessing,
Yet seem the same my pleasures undressing.
You rob, you steal, you carry away
My dearest hopes, my dreams, my stay.
How will I trust all your lips are confessing?

You bore away all once was mine,
The loves my heart and soul entwined.
You leave me lacking bitter, alone
With no man a pedestal to enthrone
All my energies do you confine.

I feel a bird chained in cage,
Against whose bars and locks I rage.
Your promised vow I do not see
I find your love a mystery;
It binds—it will not set me free!

But what say you is freedom—what?
Abandonment of censure, conduct, thought?
Gently He says, “Thou art mine—
Patience;  I’ll tell you all in kind;
I am the end of all things sought.

“You have died and your life is Christ’s
The moment your sin His death sufficed.
Put to death, then, all earth in you—
Put on instead a heart brand new,
For holy, chosen Beloved, with you He is enticed.

“Would you have your liberty sweet?
Let kindness and compassion guide your feet.
True freedom is found in love so humble,
Meek, and patient, no cause to stumble.
Oh—see the gain in your defeat!

“You fear too much the shackle and chain;
You dwell not on blessing; you see love as pain.
Yet you’re bound to me in cords of love;
I am a lion, yes, but also a dove—
Mine and mine enemies ropes are not the same.

“My mercy is severe, yet I give you life;
The peace of God will replace all strife.
When you find yourself utterly weak,
In My life alone your life do seek.
The rich Word dwells and keeps you safe.”

He saves you with love everlasting and true.
He greets you with grief that His light will shine through.
He knows all the longing, the pain, the hurt,
And His glory has washed away all of your dirt.
When you hand it to Him, your heart He’ll renew.

The more holy you are, the weaker you grow,
For you’re dying in Christ that His life you might show.
Do not doubt in the darkness
What He’s shown you in light;
Cast anxiety on Him; at His feet, all hurt throw.

“Away,” You say, “away to me!
Come, I will let your poor soul see:
I know all pain—all life, all death—
I know each drawing thought and breath.
Leave all, leave all, leave all to me!”


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