Just a few favorites:

  • Reading: I cannot remember a time when reading wasn’t a significant part of my life. Current literature: The Good News About Injustice by Gary Haugen, Rilla of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery, The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket, and Grow in Grace by Sinclair Ferguson.
  • Writing in pretty journals: I have a box full of used journals, and about 3 that I am writing in at the moment. Each has its own purpose, of course.
  • Writing Lists: Definitely a favorite. I have lists for everything; even lists for lists I need to write.
  • Watching Jane Austen films: I have my personal views on which are the best renditions, but I enjoy them all.
  • People watching in coffee shops: Maybe this has to do with being a Comm major, but I love observing human interactions. I find it charming, intriguing, and inspiring.
  • Listening to WCEP: There is listening, and then there is sitting down with a good cup of tea and listening. 
  • Drinking Tea: I drink less than I used to, but there is something so wonderfully cosy and comforting about a warm cup of tea in the evening.



2 thoughts on “Pastimes

  1. You said you like writing lists, and I noticed that this post itself is a list… that’s pretty zen. Also, I like tea as well, but only tea if sweet tea counts. there is ammonia in the water right now so sweet tea is the only safe thing to drink. Also I keep almost writing “sweat tea!” That would be incorrect. Also the Gentle Art of Domesticity sounds all right but I prefer The Totally Rad & Explosive Art of Domesticity, you should check that out, it’s just a touch more rad and explosive.

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