In which I endeavor to write a play

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.

[William Wordsworth]

Two weeks ago, true to my word, I unpacked a rather large file from my trunk and pulled out Orange Peanuts and Green Plums, the play I wrote when I was 12. The hard copy is over 85 pages long and full of many flaws–grammatical and plot related. I’ve begun the process of typing it up all over again (the file on my old computer got lost somehow). I had wanted to type it up as was and then work through it to make corrections and changes, but I after the first page, I knew that was simply not an option. Plus my original plan was kind of impractical. I’ve been typing away at and editing OPGP for nearly two weeks now. I only have about 11 pages edited (only 74 more left!), but I’m loving this whole process. I haven’t written fiction in ages. I’d thought I’d share a snippet here:

Rebecca: Why Adrian, darling! We weren’t expecting you until much later! Did your lectures let out early today?

Adrian: They did indeed, and I have come bearing gifts of cheese, pastries, and wine!

He bends down to allow Rebecca to give him a sweet peck on the cheek.

Rebecca: Well, come in, come in!

Adrian does, sets his bag on the table, and begins to unpack.

Adrian: The train ride was bloody awful! Some gent was holding everyone up at the ticket station claiming they had cheated him, then there were shrieking children so a body couldn’t rest a wink, and don’t get me starting on the gossipy old ladies!

Adrian plops himself into a chair dejectedly and sighs heavily.

Adrian: I have come for a good long stay in Paris, Rebecca, dear. Make me happy, please.

Rebecca: I shall try my best, but I think a certain lady with a brown bob will be better suited to the job.

Adrian: [smiles significantly and laughs nervously] We shall see about that.

Rebecca: Oh! Speaking of Madi, any chance you are interested on taking on another case with us this summer, seeing as you are planning on sticking around for a bit?

Adrian: Would I? I’d love to!

Enter Madi with a tray of tea, biscuits, and such. When she sees Adrian, she gasps in surprise and delight, trips on her feet, drops  the tray, and rushes to hug him around the neck. Adrian swoops her up and twirls her around once.

Madi: Oh, Adrian! I’ve missed you so! [Hugs him tightly again, then steps back to look at him, suddenly shy. Twirls her hair as she speaks next] You’ve been well, I hope?

Adrian: Indeed, I am always well! [Looks at her concernedly] You look thinner than last time, Madi. I hope you are well?

Madi: [Laughs it off hollowly] Oh it’s nothing; I’ve simply been worrying over you!

Adrian: [Draws her close and gently strokes her thin cheek] Poor dear, have I done this to you? [Suddenly aware of Rebecca’s presence in the room, he withdraws embarrassed]

Madi: [Flustered. Gestures for them to sit down] How is medical school? Do tell me all about it! And please don’t leave anything out like you did last time!

Adrian: [Laughs and sits] It’s not my fault you read all my books so that you knew the answers to your questions better than I did last time!

Madi: [Ruffles up a bit] Well, it will make you glad to know that I intend to become a nurse.

Adrian: You, a nurse? Ha!

Madi: Why ever not? Honestly, you could drive a person batty!

Adrian: I’m sorry, I don’t mean to. I can’t think of a single thing to tell you about that you probably don’t know already! Although, I don’t know how much I mentioned in my last letter about my anatomy class. We dissected a cadaver.

Madi: [Thrilled] Really? What was it like? Did you faint?

Rebecca: [Makes a face] If you two will excuse me, I have some business to attend to.

Adrian and Madi don’t seem to notice, but ad lib in the background while Rebecca gets up and dials the phone across the room.

Rebecca: Hello, operator? I’d like to speak to a Mr. Nicholas Applebee, Jamesport, England. Thank you. [Pause] Hello, Rebecca Jefferson. Am I addressing Mr. Nicholas Applebee? Yes sir, I’m the CSS agent you contacted. Yes, that’s right. We are willing to accept your offer. But of course.  Yes, I am taking two other colleagues with me on this assignment, if that is acceptable to you. Thank you, sir. The Fox Café in York? How does a week from Tuesday suit? Excellent. Good evening then, sir.

Adrian and Madi are my two favorite characters in this play, excepting Grandfather Nicholas (but more on him later). They have such a funny little drama going on between the two of them throughout the play that I am excited to elaborate on more. My goal is to have OPGP typed and edited by the end of June, leaving the rest of the summer for me to focus on The Lifetime Marvel, or Marvelous Lifetime, of Mr. Kirkpatrick James Stowe. 



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