In which I become a published author and artist

I believe I told you in a previous post that I had submitted two of my poems and paintings to The Peel, my school’s literary magazine that comes out once a semester. I told you that it was a goal of mine to have the courage to try and get something published.

Well, my dear readers, it has happened. The Peel asked to use my poem, Sonnet 2, and my painting, Reflections. I feel incredibly honored. They are using my painting, out of all the incredibly talented artists we have here at Appalachian? Me, a published author? Its nothing big, but I will not despise small beginnings. Honestly, I am more excited about the fact that they are publishing my poem than that they are using my art.

There is a simple explanation for that. I have fallen in love with writing. I think coming here to school has made me realize this. Writing on this blog made me realize this. I do want to be an illustrator at some point, but I want even more to write a book and get it published. I don’t what it will be about, exactly. Maybe I will pull out Orange Peanuts and Green Plums or The Lifetime Marvel, or Marvelous Lifetime, of Mr. Kirkpatrick James Stowe from the archives and rewrite them, seeing as I have considerably more life experience at this point than I did eight years ago.

For now I am contented and pleased to have made a small beginning. Time will only tell where it shall lead…


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