In which I attempt to look professional…

This week was quite an exciting one in terms of adventure. Alas, I cannot tell you more about those adventures until I have pictures to post along with them. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is most true, especially in this case. So be patient, dear friends, I will reveal all soon enough.

One hint: Amazing Race craziness.

In other news, I am in a midst of putting together a press packet as part of a final portfolio for my English class. I had the priviledge of getting to play make-believe on this project, which has been delightful. I made up a psuedo company, Laura Katherine Studios, wrote about its illustrious history, created biographies of its key members, and put together a newspaper featuring my studio.

Meet my company: Laura Katherine Studios, Inc. 

This is our company’s logo. Writing in cursive on Paint is difficult, yo!

Meet: Miss Laura Walton, M.F.A. Head of Studio,

Mr. William Stowe-Burdock, M.F.A. Assistant Head of Studio

and Mr. Alexander Campbell, Executive Director 

What an excellent group of young professionals, wouldn’t you agree?

Ah! But we are not quite done! Miss Madison Frink, our excellent photographer, took pictures of Mr. Stowe-Burdock and Mr. Campbell closing a deal:Of Miss Walton being interviewed by Miss Lydia Howard of the New York Art Scene:

Then the three professionals at an art show in London:

Finally, we had a few pictures taken for laughs, for this whole thing really was a bit of monkey business:

Allow me to introduce you to my cast of characters:

Mr. William Stowe-Burdock played by Cameron Muir

Mr. Alexander Campbell played by Steve Coleman

Miss Lydia Howard played by Hannah Cartner

The photographer played by Madison Frink

And Miss Laura Walton played by herself.

Miss Walton’s exhibitions Reflections and The Princess in Disguise: A Fairy Tale, are showing in prominent galleries around the world, including the British Museum, London, The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, and MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), New York.

Reflection Reviews:

“The collection is thoroughly enchanting. A pure blend of Romanticism and intellectual depth.”-Charles Zargot of AICA USA-

“A collection you’ll want to visit over and over again.”-The New York Times-

“Pure poetry.”-The London Telegraph-

“Elegant mastery of brush and pen.”-The New York Observer-


3 thoughts on “In which I attempt to look professional…

  1. Hey Laura! you might like free advanced drawing tools such as
    Muro ( and Inkscape ( and Phoenix ( which are totally free, except with Muro you have to unlock new brushes and stuff by hanging out at deviantArt. Inkscape is the most advanced, it gives you a lot of control over where you draw, a true vector tool. I’m sure a good Google search would come up with more but these are the free ones I’ve played with. App state might also offer some software for you use like photoshop. just offering some alternatives i know to Paint!! lol

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