Seven Random Things

My dear friend, Lindy Meeker, tagged me on her blog to complete this little “get to know me” type thing. So, I am using it  to share you a bit about my life in Boone…

Item 1: Annie and I have begun to watch season 1 of Glee. And I love it. Think what you would like.

Item 2: My major, tentatively Communication Studies (or some other form of Communication), allows me to complete a double minor because it has a minor built into the program. And therefore, dear ones, I can minor in both Art and Spanish if I so desire. And I do.

Item 3: I submitted two of my poems to The Peel, our school’s literary newspaper that comes out once a semester (see the previous two posts on poetry), along with two of my pieces of artwork:

Reflection, Oil on Canvas, 2010

Magnolia, Acrylic on Canvas, 2009

I have no idea if they will use any of my work, but it is done. I have always wanted to have the guts to try and get something published. I have now completed one of my life’s goals.

Item 4: My top four illustrators are: Hilary Knight (Eloise in Moscow), Trina Schart Hyman (Peter Pan), Barbara McClintock (The Fantastic Drawings of Danielle), and (a new one) Julia Denos (Just Being Audrey).

I aspire to illustrate as well as any of them some day

Item 5: I drink tea or coffee almost every day. Coffee is the morning drink of choice, and tea is for the evenings. My friend Joel says I’m an addict. I tell him I’m not. He tells me I’m in denial. He is a Psychology major

Item 6: Oreos, Peanut Butter, and OJ have become necessities around here. You will never see our pantry/refrigerator lacking any of these commodities..

Item 7: I love learning. Which means I love school. Which is weird because I never did until my senior year of college (Thank you, TOG!). I find that the more I learn, the more I reasons I find to fall in love with my Creator all over again. The broader my scope of knowledge about the world grows, the larger is my appreciation for the creativity of my Savior. My professors often bring up things to try and dissuade their students from believing in such a foolish thing as the God of Christianity. What they don’t realize, however, is that the more evidence they give to deny the existance of God, the greater evidence they give me to believe.




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