Fall Retreat

Some of you may be aware that I joined CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) as my campus ministry. This was actually a much easier decision for me than I was expecting, but I guess that shows the power of prayer. I had prayed that God would make it clear to me where He wanted me to involved and that I would know this by how I saw His presence working in the ministry and by how I felt at home among them. The very first CRU meeting I went to was actually a little rough–the worship was very different than what I was used to, and there actually wasn’t any sermon that evening, there was just an introduction to CRU and what they were about.

But then I met the people. They informed us after the meeting that all the small group leaders would be outside waiting to talk to people who might be interested in being involved. So there I met Laura Brown. She is my small group leader. She is so much fun, so humble, and one of the kindest and most persistent persons I know. In our very first conversation, she really wanted to know all about me and my struggles coming in to App as a transfer student. She showed me such care and compassion. So I went to her Bible study and I’ve been there ever since. That is where I met my friends Kira, Lauren, Kirsten, and Katherine (so many L and K’s here!!), who are so wonderful and godly and passionate about pursuing the Lord.

Aside from meeting these lovely people, I have seen in CRU a real desire to reach out to the campus and bring the gospel to a dying, bleeding world. There is such a passion for Christ here, and such a desire to pursue godliness. I feel God’s presence working among them, and this is where I want to be.

So, getting to the title of this post…

CRU had a Fall Retreat this past weekend. I really wanted to go because I felt like it would be a wonderful opportunity to really get to know people and to just have a spiritual retreat. But I had no money. But God is so faithful to provide! Laura knew I could not afford to go on the retreat, and it turns out that this girl she knew in CRU wanted to pay for someone to be able to go to Fall Retreat in her place. So I got to go!

It was so good. CRU is going through the book of Judges this semester and talking about idolatry and worship, so that was also the theme of the retreat. Maybe in a future post I will talk more about the sermons and what I came away with, but for now I’ll just give you the news 🙂 Two songs that we sang this weekend especially spoke to me, so maybe you would like to look them up and listen to them:

-You Won’t Relent by Misty Edwards

-How He Loves by David Crowder Band

Here are a few highlights:

  • Playing capture the flag at midnight the first night
  • Sleeping outside in an ENO (Eagle Nest Outfitters) hammock in 50 degree weather (yes, I got a bit of a cold)
  • Campfire and s’mores
  • Listening to T. Swift in the car
  • Dance party in the gymnasium. No, I have no dancing skills. Yes, it was a blast anyways.
  • Watching Laura Brown show off her African Dance skills. Oh. My. Goodness. Funniest thing ever!
  • Hammocking with various and sundry persons in the afternoons

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.

My friend Kira White and I


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