Soup, Rain, and Bananas

My dear readers,

Today is a deliciously cool day in the mountains, albeit the rain is coming down steadily. I’m alone in the apartment–Annie is home in Raleigh and Lindsey is on her way here (!!)–and I’m wishing that I was feeling a little more settled living here so that I could enjoy this peaceful day without feeling so homesick. Rainy days are my favorite. Usually. At home these would be the days that I would bake or curl up and read a book or watch a Cary Grant or Meg Ryan film. But here it is different. Not that I can’t do any of those things, but the coziness goes out of it when there are no people bustling about the house, no boys to pick at the cookie dough, and no mom to watch the movie with while you sip on tea.

So I have determined to make soup. Soup feeds the soul, I think. Or at least comforts it.

I am experimenting. There is a good amount of potatoes, celery, carrots, sweet potatoes, corn, and other various and sundry vegetables to work with in my kitchen. My Creative Life teacher (Honors First Year Seminar class) would argue that experimenting in cooking is creative–that it is an art. I am inclined to agree with him.

We have a problem in The Birdhouse (yes, Dave, we took your advice!). We simply cannot eat through all the bananas we buy before they go bad! I am half blogging and half looking through recipes to find something exotic to make with these pesky, though delicious, fruits.

This post is random and not particularly filled with adventures or advice or poetry. Today I can only write prose. I promise next time to tell you dear people about my mountain venturings–scampering through the Hebron Rock Colony, waterfall jumping at Twisted Falls, among other things–but for now I’m off to the kitchen to engage in creative activities!


6 thoughts on “Soup, Rain, and Bananas

  1. The Hebron Rock Colony? I am curious and picturing a man in a yarmulke holding onto his prayer shawl for dear life as he twists his ankle the rocks.
    I wish I could have sipped tea with you on this (also) rainy day and watched You’ve Got Mail. It’s almost that time again, isn’t it?
    Time to go sharpen a bouquet of pencils. The kids come tomorrow to drop off school supplies!

  2. Wishing I was with you to sip tea and watch… well, you know my favorite, but I’d settle for yours if I could be with YOU! love you my sweet,

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