I’ve been happy lately/ Just thinking about the good things to come

I’ve been meaning to write for a couple weeks yet, but I just haven’t had the gumption or will or desire to. I had nothing concrete to talk about, or if I did, I was afraid I’d be too sentimental for it to be any good and I would only regret posting it later. But here I am again. I wrote a list of goals for this semester and writing on this blog is one of them. I fully intend to carry through with every last one of my goals, so…

I moved into Apartment 4 on Thursday, and it is a lovely little spot. The road leading up to it winds and turns and it is surrounded by the tallest trees that whisper and sway in the wind. Its ever so very windy up here. I love that. Annie laughs at me and says that that will change soon enough, but I laugh too because she has no idea how much wind and rain and snow and sunshine make me happy.

The weather, I must admit, is about as temperamental and fickle as a woman. One minute the sun is shining and its hot and humid and you’re wishing there would be a little more wind, and the next its raining cats and dogs and the temperature has dropped dramatically. I think of the Katy Perry song every time. I have learned, in the very short amount of time I have been here, to expect the unexpected and to always pack a water bottle, snackage, an umbrella, and a light jacket.

The apartment, like any house or dorm or building, has its own little set of quirks which gives it character. My personal favorite is the microwave’s missing “open” button. How do we manage to use it? Well, my friends, our sole wooden spoon’s handle is just the right size to fit into the open space and push the mechanical thing that enables the door to open. I laugh every time. Even if its only on the inside.

Annie and and I have yet to name “our crib”, but we’re hoping to compile a list so that when Lindsey moves in she will have but to pick the best of the lot. I think perhaps it should incorporate something with birds, because we have unwittingly compiled a collection kitchen and living room items featuring said fowl.

More later, but I must fly to get ready for an Honors Freshman and Transfer Dinner!


5 thoughts on “I’ve been happy lately/ Just thinking about the good things to come

  1. Temperamental and fickle as a woman…??

    That’s a microwave’s way of saying “welcome to college.” Isn’t it interesting that the objects we assign the most character, personality (humanness) are the ones that are broken?

    Congrats on your first apartment. I think you should call it the birdhouse. (it’s funny cause bird means “woman” doesn’t it? Haha!)

  2. Well, I was mainly referring to how often women change their mind concerning the clothing they wear– as in “You change your mind like a girl changes clothes”. Hence the Katy Perry comment. 🙂

    Haha. So true, Dave.

    And thanks. I the Birdhouse should be added to our repertoire of name ideas.

  3. Aww hooray! Laura you really must post pictures, Dear : ) I’m so excited for you and your wonderful adventures you will have : ) : ) : )

    PS you are a very good writer : )

  4. Oh Laura, I love this. Please know that this blog has t’s own spot on my bookmark toolbar and will be checked by your loving sister often.
    Your writing is perfect. It’s you! And while the voice DOES sometimes bring to mind certain attic stories read aloud, that, my dear, is also you.
    Laura, this will be a good year. Let’s compare notes over Christmastime and just see what we can’t come up with as far as God’s goodness, His grace, and lessons learned by Him, go.
    Love you.

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